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Maternal Ecstasy Through Homoeopathy




                             The state of inability to enjoy the divine maternity, along with fondling and cherishing by lullabies, is indescribable. This sorrow is doubled in front of the fact that, even after spending Lakhs of rupees, no positive results could be achieved.

                             People come to know about the effective treatment in Homoeopathy very late, that too, only after sophisticated technology and costly medicines have failed. This effectual treatment of Homoeopathy, which provides optimism and self confidence, has been proved to be overwhelmingly successful. The percentage of triumph can be further emphasized by extreme patience and promptness in medicine intake.

                                               Homoeopathy is not treating the disease, but the patient as a whole.  The treatment is administered based on the analysis of physical and mental symptoms of childless couple. As the hereditary and lifestyle diseases are taken care of, a holistic approach is followed here. Husband and wife are integral part of this mode of treatment.

                                            Infertility can be divided as primary and secondary. Primary infertility can be defined as the condition of non-conception even after unprotected coitus extending over a period of one year after marriage. Secondary infertility is the situation of non-conception after the previous fruitful conception or an undoubted miscarriage.

           As far as Homoeopathy is concerned, management of infertility primarily starts with counseling. The counseling comprises of the detailed information about the mutual understanding of husband- wife relationship, timing of intercourse, various methods of the same, ovulation, importance of coitus, ‘modus operanti’ of the treatment, course of medication etc. Baseless anxieties will only aggravate the problem of infertility. Counseling will bestow ways and means for preventing men’s vices like excessive alcoholism, smoking etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The habits of warm bathing, wearing tight under garments etc. will be discontinued through the compulsive power of counseling and right direction will be given to reduce mental tension and obesity. Even though only one of the couple is facing an infertility problem, by providing medicines to both of them, the sexual capability of the other person will be escalated, which will in turn pave way for speedy conception.




          Generally women of the age ranging from 12 to 45 are considered as reproductive, but the conception capability is found to be diminishing after the age of 35 years. Proper care should be taken from the teenage itself in the case of females. In those stages the condition of non-menstruation (amenorrhoea), irregular occurrence of menstruation, obesity, unwanted hair growth (hirsuitism) etc. should not be ignored or self – treated. These should be duly taken care of and properly cured with the help of an expert physician as and when the problem arises.

                       Women infertility can be due to internal causes such as diseases of uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes etc. and external reasons. Researches have revealed that excessive and uncontrolled usage of certain medicines will topple down the hormonal balance in the body. So also antisperm antibody, hormonal aberrations, microbial infection etc. seems to play their roles in female infertility.


        Let us have a glance over the main reasons for the female infertility.


1. Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease ( PCOD)


        PCOD prevents ovulation and menstruation. There are target hitting medicines in Homoeopathy to arrest PCOD by way of synchronizing the hormonal imbalance. Medication is given, in order to control unwanted hair growth and obesity and to activate pituitary hormone of the body to work in the ovaries effectively so as to trigger the process of ovulation and conception. The most efficient medicines for this category of patients are Sepia, Pulsatilla, Apis, Caulophyllum, Graphites etc. After continuous intake of medicines for a period of 3 – 4 months follicular study (ultra sound scanning to observe ovulation) is conducted to find out whether the ovulation is occurring properly and PCOD is cured completely.


2. Disorders in fallopian Tubes


        As the fertilization is taking place in the Ambula, which is the terminal point of the fallopian tube, any diseases affecting this tube may lead to infertility. Any inflammation and cyst caused internally or at the end of the fallopian tube, naturally leads to the tube block.

      Various types of infections (e.g.:- sexual diseases like Gonorrhoea), Tuberculosis, Endometriosis, disorders happening after surgery etc. hinter the proper functioning of the fallopian tubes, which will in turn prevent the ovum from entering into the uterus.

                   Sometimes a peculiar situation is arisen in which the mouth of the ovary is fused together and the ovum is not in a position to come out. Though this tube block can be tide over through laparoscopic surgery, a better option through medicines by homoeopathy avoids the possible dangers hidden in the operative and post-operative stages. After administration of homoeopathic medicines for a specific period, the fallopian tubes are observed through H.S.G. X-rays, in order to find out whether the abnormalities have been cured. It has been seen that, the disorders have been rectified and pregnancy initiated in a great majority of cases.


3. Endometriosis


        The layer which covers the inner surface of the uterus is called the endometrium. This will be formed and removed from the uterus during menstrual cycle. In some instances this type of layers grow in the ovaries which will give way to clogging of menstrual blood in the ovaries resulting in the creation of chocolate cyst and the process of ovulation is affected. Intense pain during menses, painful coitus and intricacy in becoming pregnant are the predominant signs of this state. In severe cases of Endometriosis the fallopian tube and the ovary will be fastened together and this condition is called Adhesion. Consumption of homoeopathic medicines in the prescribed dosages will alleviate the problem of Endometriosis. Secale cornutum, Viburnum Opulus, Lachesis, etc. are recorded to produce excellent results.


4. Fibroids


                   The tumours originated from the uterus are known as fibroids. The uterine  fibroid if found, is blamed for infertility, however only those fibroids which distort the uterine cavity or a corneal fibroid which mechanically blocks the uterine end of the tube can only cause infertility. Most of these fibroids may not exhibit any external symptoms. Sometimes excessive bleeding during menses (metrorrhagia) and intense pain at lower abdomen may be observed. Prompt and continuous usage of medicines will peter out this uterine ailment permanently. Calcarea carb., Calcarea iod., Thuja etc. are the aim hitting medicines for this type of disorders.




              The number of men, who are denied of the right of fatherhood, is increasing at an alarming rate. Forty percentage of the total sterility is due to the reasons connected to males. Poor sperm production, less motility of sperms, structural aberrations of them, hormonal imbalance, etc. contribute their own shares to the male infertility.


                        Based on the semen analysis, infertility is classified as follows.

Azoospermia    - the state of absence of sperms.

Oligospermia    - meager number of sperms.

Astheno sperm – sperms with feeble mobility. This may be sometimes                                    due to the dilated and tortuous condition of the veins of the testis- the disease Known as varicocele. This can be managed very well with homoeopathic medicines by evading surgery.


Teratospermia – structural malformations of the sperms.


                     All the above sickness can be fruitfully treated with Homoeopathic medicines. In case of complete dearth of sperms (Azoospermia), if germinal epithelial cells are detected with the help of testicular biopsy, then homoeopathic treatment is highly hopeful.


                 A homoeopathic physician asks about the detrimental factors affecting sperm production such as smoking, urinary infection, painful ejaculation, sexually transmitted diseases, diseases during adolescence (especially mumps, tuberculosis) pain, inflammation and injuries of the testis etc. The factors which raise scrotal temperature such as wearing of tight under- wears, hot bath, bike journey, job habit, daily routine of job etc. are also probed into and he provides remedial directions. Very valuable curative medicines are available in homoeopathy such as Selenium, Lycopodium, Natrum mur, Hamamelis etc.

         As the Thridoshas of Ayurveda, homoeopathy proclaims about three miasm i.e. Psoric, Syphilitic, and Sycotic, as the reason for all illness. Hence by taking into account all symptoms of the patient, appropriate antimiasmatic remedies can be given, by which child birth can be assured. For those who have failed even with assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF, IUI, ICSI etc., homoeopathic treatment has been found to be very effective.

          The most appreciable advantage of homoeopathy is that, the children blossomed through this branch of  scientific medical treatment are found to be very superior in terms of physical and mental health and they will be free from hereditary diseases. Another striking feature is that, if once child is born by the assistance of homoeopathy, no subsequent treatment is required for further child births. When compared with other systems of medical science, the expenditure incurred is far less in homoeopathy and it is absolutely safe and human friendly also.

             Let me conclude this piece of matter by significantly underlining the fact that, homoeopathy has yielded offsprings to those who have not been successful even after undergoing prolonged treatment under other systems for a period ranging from four to twenty years. 


                                                                      Dr. K.B. Dileepkumar

                                                                  Care Well Homoeopathic clinic

                                                                  Thottappady, Thrissur

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